Mission Destiny Cardiothoracic Hospitals Foundation (MDCHF)

Strategic Planning:

MDCHF strategic planning is to ensure the hospital is kept at its best and continue to provide the best services possible. We plan to achieve our mission by:
▪    Collecting small fees from patients, individual donations
▪    Donations from the communities
▪    Volunteerism (communities, professionals and staff)
▪    National Health Care Systems
▪    Donations from Companies and Philanthropies


Our values are the guiding principles that serve as the foundation for everything we think, say, and do. They are our organizational code of conducts and signify what we stand for. We refuse to be less than what these values represent. Philosophy, policy, practice, or behavior outside of these values are unacceptable and will be either improved or removed.

To serve our community is a privilege and an obligation. We excel in our sensitivity to the needs of those we serve. Every day we live our mission through serving our community.

Together we can do great things for people in need. One team, with one goal – to be one Great Health System and Foundation.

We are a “can do” team. We are grateful for the opportunities that are presented each day. Through positive energy, we can, and we will, meet the needs of those we serve.

Public trust demands the highest respect for those we serve and for those with whom we work – the team members – who share our mission – in all situations and with all people. We are here to better the lives of others and we are profoundly aware of the value of each human being.

We pledge to our community the highest standards of respect, patient safety, and clinical excellence. We will do no harm. Do it right – Do it now. We are extraordinary people called to do extraordinary work.


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●    Frimpong Boateng Medical Center (FBMCT) Nkawie/Toase 
●    Providence Hospital in Accra Ghana

Address: PO BOX 1217 Bridgeport CT, 06601
Phone Number:  203-302-3263

Toll Free Number: 888-381-6130
Email: info@mdchf.org